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Description: A diary in which Ramirez keeps his incoming correspondences (the red book on the left)

Location: on a decorated table, in the library

Ramirez's mansion, second floor


Master Ramirez -

I beg your attention. While, as you say, there is 

most certainly breach in the Dreckboun pit, my 

subordinates inform me that this is due to the 

incroach of Hammer patrols among the patrons, and 

that my immediate Dreckboun comptroller, Ginny, 

has been unable to deal with the problem. Should 

this qualify as full breach, I must regretfully 

insist that the breach is on Ginny's part and not 

mine. I am, of course, happy to furnish all 

ledgers for verification,

 -Lord Bafford


Description: A note from Ramirez to his cooks

Location: on a wall, in the servants' kitchen

Ramirez's mansion, first floor


Lazy slobs -

If I visit with my babies and again find that 

they have not been fed properly, I shall take 

the horsewhip to the lot of you! The poor 

dears must be given live food - their delicate 

stomachs cannot abide the smell of carrion! 

I am in no mood to hear of the shortages when 

my babies are starving.


Description: A scroll with information about a few "people of interest"

Location: in a blue chest, in Ramirez's private accounting vault

Ramirez's mansion, Basement

M5dossier location


Warden of North Quarter, Shalebridge, Newmarket, New Quarter. 

Bloodsports, moneylending, spywatching. Organization of 

about 20 subsidiaries, 50 personal toughboys and 

fireboys. Contact with Shemenovs. 


Warden of Docks, Eastport, Dayport. Rooftop breakers, 

protection and anti-protection services, smuggling, 

coinfaking. 12 subsidiaries, 60 toughboys, 20-odd 

solo contractors. Strong foreign contacts.


Independent fence, previously Raputo's. Dominates 

include thiefs-pawnage of exotics, medicinals. No 

known organization; contact with second-tier 

nobility, Grand Library, and Order of the 

Vine. May have warden aspirations.

Dorcas Goodfellow

Blackbrook Underguild ambassador. Particular 

(importable) dominates include magical constructs, 

medicinals, and elemental crystals.


Description: A note from Ramirez to his tough-boys

Location: on a wall, in a boiler room

Ramirez's mansion, first floor

M5LEGBRK location

Boys - 

While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I must point 

out that breaking legs is, really, rather inefficient, 

if we wish our clients to be able to pursue their 

rather active lives in order to immediately repay 

their debts. I encourage your initiative in this 

area - perhaps you might take a lesson from the 

gardener and his hedge clippers, who trims off one 

branch while leaving the rest to grow... and most 

of our clients do start with fingers to spare.


Description: Farkus provided Garrett with instructions on how to use his new lock picks

Location: comes with the lock picks automatically at the beginning of the mission

TG tips

Lockpick Instruction Manual

To use a lockpick, use-and-hold it on a locked door for a few seconds. The 

handle of the door will move slowly to the open position, and you'll hear a 

continuous clicking, until the handle turns and the door pops open.

If you hear only a single short click, try using the other lockpick

If the handle jiggles but ends up only moving part of the way, you'll need 

to switch lockpicks, and continue picking the door. You may need to switch 

picks more than once.

If neither lockpick works, it means that the lock cannot be picked, and it's 

time to go find the key.

Note that you must be quite close to a door to pick it, closer than you need to be 

to open it normally.


Description: A papyrus from Ramirez to Commissioner deNavan

Location: on a three-legged chair, in Ramirez's bed room

Ramirez's mansion, second floor

M5NAVAN location

Commissioner deNavan -

I note with displeasure that again, one of my tough-boys has been 

taken to Cragscleft. May I remind you of the substantial donations I 

make to your office, such that I may "pursue business unhindered by 

idle scrutiny"? May I remind you, as well, of your predecessor's 

unfortunate end? The rivers are so treacherous this time of year. I 

trust that you will attend to this, and if the Hammers are too 

difficult for your policemen, I trust as well that you will let me 


 - Ramirez


Description: A diary in which Ramirez keeps his outgoing correspondences (the book on the right)

Location: on a decorated table, in the library

Ramirez's mansion, second floor


Master Vrinde:

Recall our previous conversation about untapped 

sources? Can you find any precedent on going 

into the Walled section of the Old Quarter? 

There's all that crap about walking evil, but 

you know how the Hammers are. Ten to one gets 

there's all sorts of property, no known heir, 

free for picking without even having to pay 

gelt for lawful overlook. Anyhow, no rush on 

this one; better to look into it on the quiet 

rather than rile the Hammers or let Raputo or 

Webster hear about it. 



Description: The correspondence of one of Ramirez's servants

Location: on the side of the stone fountain

Ramirez's mansion, Court yard

M5SERV location

Mina, dear,

 It's not as bad as it seems. The Sir isn't so harsh if you learn his habits. 

When he's upstairs like the library, cosset him with tea and cakes, and chat of 

the household doings. When he's in the cellar with his gold, though, don't dare 

bother him 'less he rings for you, and then hop to it like the Trickster's on your tail.

 - Lisse


Description: Ramirez's "to do" lists

Location: Ramirez's private accounting vault

Ramirez's mansion, Basement

M5TODO location

Willoby Bright - Stonemarket cutpurse. Skimping 

on gelt for the fifth time. Not worth the trouble - public 

bounty of 200.

Garrett - South Quarter 'independent' thief. Denied cut three 

times. Sent Quince and Jacow out to shorten him.

Overlord's Fancy - gambling den. Check with Raputo - is it his? 

Either way, someone's not talking to someone they should.


Description: A letter to Ramirez from the safety-installations builder Tol Camrick

Location: on a table, in one of the west side bed rooms

Ramirez's mansion, second floor

M5WALLS location

Lord Ramirez - 

 The reinforced walls and steel door have been duly installed about your counting room, 

but I must warn you that we cannot guarantee them against burrick tunnelling. If you do 

not move the creatures out of the basement into a more distant area, we cannot be held 

responsible for the potential damages.

 Tol Camrick & Sons
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